4 Steps to Improve the Production of Wood Pellet Mill

Wood pellet mill is a new energy equipment, which mainly used to make wood pellets. Eucalyptus wood, brich, poplar, fruit tree, bamboo shavings and crops straw all can be the raw materials while making pellets. Wood pellet making process mainly include crushing, drying, screening, pelletizing, cooling and packaging.

Currently, two distinctive procedures are used for producing pellets: flat die pellet mills and ring die pellet mill.

ring die and flat die pellet making

After selecting the suitable pellet machine, the use and maintenance of pellet mill is also very important. If there is a decline in output, we should consider whether the machine improper use or use after a long time without maintenance. As the professional wood pellet mill manufacturer, next we will give some advice on improving the production of wood pellet mill.

4 steps to improve the production of wood pellet mill

Step 1, Adjust the moisture content of raw materials.

The moisture content of raw materials should remain at around 13%. Otherwise it will lead to the decline in output.

Step 2, Adjust the parameters of wood pellet mill.

Such as the clearance between roller and die. Different materials need different clearance, therefore if the decline in output, may be the clearance is inappropriate.

Step 3, grinding the new mould.

The surface of new mould may be not so smooth. Before using the new pellet machine, we should grind the mould. Mixture the oil, sand and sawdust and put into the machine for several times pelleting. For detailed process you can ask us directly.

Step 4, Complete pellet machine maintenance, timely replacement of mold.

It is inevitable that the mould with pellet roller will appears wear and tear after a long time using. If this reason resulting in a decline in production, just change a new mould.


The above 4 steps can help you solve the problem of declining production. If your problem still can’t be solved, please contact with us and we will arrange our professional technical personnel to give you detailed answers.