Wood Pellet Mill

GEMCO specialized in high quality small pellet mills, apart from biomass pellet mill, feed pellet mill, wood pellet mill is our another hot saled pellet machine. Wood Pellet Mill is an ideal pelletizing machine mainly used for small-scale wood pellets production for home heating.

Recommended Wood Pellet Mills


Wood pellet mill can be divided into flat die wood pellet mill and ring die wood pellet mill. Ring die wood pellet mill is usually used for industry production or big scale farms. Today let’s mainly talks about flat die wood pellet mill, also called small wood pellet mill.


Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill

electric wood pellet mill

AMSPLM120 2.2 Wood pellets 40-60 kg/h single phase/three phase:220V 50HZ

/380V 50HZ

120 550*300*710
AMSPLM200 7.5 Wood pellets 110-140 kg/h  Three-phase voltage:380V 50HZ 200 850*420*850
AMSPLM300A 15 Wood pellets 220-280 kg/h Three-phase voltage:380V 50HZ 300 1200*520*1050
AMSPLM300B 18.5 Wood pellets 250-300kg/h Three-phase voltage:380V 50HZ 300 1200*520*1050
AMSPLM350A 22 Wood pellets  300-360 kg/h Three-phase voltage:380V 50HZ 350 1270*580*1150
AMSPLM400 30 Wood pellets 400-500kg//h Three-phase voltage:380V 50HZ 400 1350*600*1200
AMSPLM500 55 Wood pellets 700-800kg/h Three-phase voltage:380V 50HZ 500 1700*750*1450
AMSPLM600 90 Wood pellets 1200-1300kg/h Three-phase voltage:380V 50HZ 600 2100*900*1650
AMSPLM700 132 Wood pellets 1700-1800kg/h Three-phase voltage:380V 50HZ 700 2400*1050*1870

Roller Driven Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill Features

roller parts of wood pellet mill

  • Adopt screw center regulating structure, the clearance between rollers and pellet mill die can be adjusted freely.
  • Adopts high precision gear transmission gearbox, ensuring a reliable and efficient pelletizing process.
  • The electric control system is of international standard, accurate and stable.
  • It is possible to view into the chamber when pelletizing, so you can solve problem in time.
  • The die template and rollers are made of alloy steel. The hardness can be more than 50 after treatment.


PTO Wood Pellet Mill


PTO wood pellet mill is a kind of pellet making machine connected with a tractor and be powered by the tractor. This PTO wood pellet mill is a small pellet mill special designed for farm use.

PTO wood pellet mill

AMSKL120P 6-10 hp 120mm 2.5-10mm 40-60kg/h 570*410*760mm 12%-20% 70/80KG
AMSL150P 6-12 hp 150mm 2.5-10mm 50-90kg/h 570*440*760mm 12%-20% 90/100KG
AMSKL200P 10-18 hp 200mm 2.5-10mm 110-140kg/h 1770*540*980mm 12%-20% 140/160KG
AMSKL230P 18-28 hp 230mm 2.5-10mm 150-190kg/h 770*560*1020mm 12%-20% 170/190KG
AMSKL260P 28-45hp 260mm 2.5-10mm 220-280kg/h 770*560*1150mm 12%-20% 200/230KG
AMSKL300P 45-55hp 300mm 2.5-10mm 300-360kg/h 770*800*1160mm 12%-20% 280/300KG
AMSKL360 50-60hp 360mm  2.5-10mm 300-380kg/ 770*850*1160mm 12%-20% 310/320KG

Why choose PTO wood pellet mill?

  • Compared with other types of pellet mill, PTO wood pellet mill is smaller in volume and light in weight, the machine is movable.
  • Low energy consumption and high efficient. Powered by the tractor, it can work continuously and use less energy.
  • With reasonable design and compact structure. The PTO wood pellet mill is designed to be connected and disconnected easily.
  • With a competitive price. Since the PTO wood pellet mill is without power engine, so the price the lower and the farmers can take advantage of their tractors to be used as the power.


Wood Pellet Mill Developing Trend


Wood pellet has gained its popularity as one of the mostly used renewable fuel sources in recent years; as a result, wood pellet manufacturing has become a sunrise industry, which means it is promising and profitable. Now in many countries, there are wood pellet manufacturing plants. It can make pellets from wood shaving, sawdust, wood chip, branches, logs, and so on.


Wood Pellet Making Process


The manufacturing of wood pellets includes the following steps:

Crushing—- Screening—- Drying—-Pelletizing—- Cooling—-Packing

wood pellet making process