Hydraulic Briquetting Machine

Hydraulic briquette machine is used to make biomass or wood briquettes by the high pressure generated by the oil in the cylinder. It can be used for all kinds of wood or sawdust wastes, rice husks, straw stalk, straw residues, wasted papers, paperboard, sugarcane bagasse, wasted clothes, wasted plastics and other wood or biomass wastes to large masses. Our finished briquettes are high-density bioenergy products. Rectangle, octagon, hexagon, round and various other shapes of pellets can be produced by GEMCO hydraulic briquette machine.

GMC-YKY012 Hydraulic briquette machine

Model GMC-YKY012
Production capacity (Max.) 125 kg/h (Varied due to different materials)
Main power(kw) 7.5+1.5
Briquette diameter 70 mm
Surge bin volume 0.45 m3
Machine weight 1200 kg
Dimension 3150*1270*1790mm
Consists mechanical system, hydraulic system, electrical system


How Does the Hydraulic Briquette Machine Work?

How Does the Hydraulic Briquette Machine Work

After being pulverized, tree branches, twigs and waste wood blocks will be extruded into briquettes via the hydraulic briquetting machine, with the moisture content of roughly 12%. Specifically, feedstock is loaded into a material bin, conveyed through a screw conveyor to the briquetting cavity, and pressed into blocks in sequence after the work of hydraulic cylinders and the mould. The product, with the forming density of 0.7-1kg/dm3, will be pushed out along with the slideway.


Featured Advantages of Hydraulic Briquette Machine


  • Adopt PLC systemand visual touch screen control system, so that all processes can be seen on the screen.
  • Theautomatic feeding system can ensure steady production and prevent material blockage.
  • The electrical control system, divided into auto and manual control parts, covers cabinet and internal components, including control touch screen, PLC and other components.
  • Automatic alarm deviceis applied to the wood briquette machine to ensure production safety, which includes overpressure alarm, temperature alarm, blockage alarm, etc. Operator can see the alarm light and know where goes wrong quickly and solve the problem in time.


Details of Hydraulic Briquette Machine

Details of Hydraulic Briquette Machine