Small pellet stove for homeuse

As a substitution for fossil fuel, solid biomass fuel is a kind of clean and efficient energy which can alleviate human energy crisis and environment problems. In the past few years, governments have encouraged residents to use small pellet stove (or called domestic biomass pellet stove) for heating in many countries. It may be confirmed that small pellet stove would have a bright prospect in the near future.

small pellet stove in decent decorated house

Small pellet stove is in great demand

China is a large agricultural country, which has about more than 700 million farmers and 1.33 million square kilometers farmland. In rural areas, many families’ still burning firewood and crop stalks directly for cooking and heating, this causes environmental pollution and waste of resource. China has 720 million tons of straw resources every year. Among them, about 120 million tons are burnt directly without any processing, which can do great damage to the environment. Small pellet stove is such a device that can make the most of firewood and crop stalks, improve the combustion efficiency and change the consumer awareness of the farmers.

pellet stove and biomass wood pellets

Small pellet stove was designed aim at the features of biomass fuel: high volatility and low ignition temperature. Generally speaking, small pellet stoves have two operation mechanisms: one can take biomass pellets as fuel and burn them directly in the chamber; the other one is through the process of gasification first, then burn the gas in the chamber directly. Domestic biomass pellet stove can apply the two operation mechanisms flexibility to meet different needs. Along the increasing marked demands, we continuously satisfy the customers by renovating equipments, inaugurating technology whole-hearted employees and knight service.

The advantages of small pellet stove

Adopting high technology.

Small pellet stove applies an advanced hybrid of coal gasification and direct combustion. It’s much easier to light up than other stoves and the fire intensity is large enough for cooking and heating.

Simple operation.

Small pellet stove adopts disposable batch feeding mechanism, which makes it easy to operate and applicable for all ages. It is being widely used in both cities and countries.

High combustion efficiency.

Small pellet stove has high thermal efficiency and reasonable utilization of biomass fuel. Burning a certain amount of biomass pellets can produce more heat than other equipments.

Safety and environment protection.

The use of the new technology can increase safety factor of small pellet stove, it could be used without any worry. Biomass pellets burning fully in the small pellet stove produces no harmful gas, so that it is friendly to the environment.