Biomass Pellet Mill

Biomass pellet mill is a kind of biomass pretreatment equipment. The raw materials mainly include agriculture and forestry processing waste such as sawdust, straw, rice husk, bark, bamboo, pipe, wheat bran, cotton stalk, alfalfa and so on.


Biomass Pellet Mill Raw Material


biomass making materials

Application of Biomass Fuel


Pellet fuel is a new type of biological energy, it can be used replace wood, coal, fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas, etc.

Heating and life for civil use: high fuel efficiency and convenient storage.

Biomass industry boiler: as the main fuel of industrial boiler, the pellet can be used instead of coal-fired so as to reduce atmospheric emission and pollution.

Generate electricity: the biomass pellet can be used as the fuel of thermal power generation.


Biomass Pellet Mill Working Principle


Raw material collection—-raw material grinding—-granulating molding—-cooling—-screening—-bagging

First of all, put the material (after preprocessing) into granulator. Next with the rotation and extrusion of the roller and pressure plate, material will turn into the mould hole along with the rotating. Then after a certain time pressure, the pellets will be reached the particle density and intensity and be squeezed outside the film hole. Finally,The cutter will be used to cut pellets into required length and pushed to the port of discharge.


  • In the process of granulating, there is no need to add any chemicals or adhesive.
  • Flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet machine working principle is different.


Biomass Pellet Mill Classification


According to different power, small biomass pellet mill can be classified into 4 types: electric pellet mill, diesel pellet mill, PTO pellet mill and gasoline pellet mill.


Electric Pellet Mill


Electric pellet mill is the most popular small pellet mills. Its capacity is 50-400kg/h. just as the relatively small capacity, easy to operating, movable, economical, and environmental friendly, the small electric pellet mill usually is bought by home, small farm, or small plant.

There are two types of electric pellet mill: R – type and D – type.
R-type Electric Pellet Mill


R-type electric biomass pellet mill

ZLSP200B R-Type 7.5 80-120 215/245 950x450x1050
ZLSP300B R-Type 22 250-350 540/575 1350x750x1400
ZLSP400B R-Type 30 350-450 770/810 1400x800x1450
ZLSP420B R-Type 37 400-600 700/1100/1200 1630x620x1400
ZLSP550B R-Type 55 500-800 1770 2300x750x1850

D-type  Electric Pellet Mill


D-type electric pellet mill with enclosure

ELECTRIC MOTOR ZLSP150B  5.5 50-100 95/100 800x450x700
ZLSP200B 7.5 80-120 200/230 1050x480x930
ZLSP230B 11 120-200 290/320 1180x540x1000
ZLSP260B 15 160-250 320/360 1240x540x950
ZLSP300B  22 250-400 350/380 1300x560x1100
ELECTRIC MOTOR WITH ENCLOSURE ZLSP150C  5.5 60-110 105/125 1000x480x780
ZLSP200C 7.5 80-120 210/230 1050x550x830
ZLSP230C 11 120-200 290/320 1200x560x950
ZLSP260C 15 160-250 340/370 1240x580x1000
ZLSP300C 22 250-400 425/465 1300x620x1100


Diesel Pellet Mill


Diesel pellet mill is usually used by people who are lack of electricity, especially in the fields or rural farms. Moreover, the cost of diesel oil is relatively lower.


D-type and R-type diesel pellet mill

Technical data of diesel pellet making machine:

D-TYPE ZLSP150A 8 50-100 180/220 100x500x750
ZLSP200A 15 80-120 210/240 1460x750x900
ZLSP230A 22 120-200 280/310 1560x850x1000
ZLSP260A 30 160-250 330/360 1200x500x1070
ZLSP300A 41 250-400 410/450 1220x600x1000
R-TYPE ZLSP200A 15 80-120 320/350 1460x950x1100
ZLSP300A 41 250-350 850/890 1100x700x2480
ZLSP400A 55 350-450 1010/1050 1300x800x2600


PTO Pellet Mill

PTO pellet mill

PTO (Power Taken Off) pellet mill is another popular small pellet mill for sale. It is suitable for people who have owned the tractor, because the mill is connected with the tractor and driven by the tractor.


ZLSP120P ≥8 HP 40-80 kg/h 80/100 kg 900x540x900mm
90-180 lbs/h 175/220 lbs 35x21x35inch
ZLSP150P ≥10 HP 50-100 kg/h 90/110 kg 900x540x1020mm
110-220lbs/h 200/245 lbs 35x21x40inch
ZLSP200P ≥15HP 80-120 kg/h 130/150 kg 1000x540x1020mm
180-265lbs/h 290/330 lbs 39x21x40inch
ZLSP230P ≥22HP 120-200kg/h 175/200 kg 1000x540x1020mm
245-440lbs/h 385/440 lbs 39x21x40inch
ZLSP260P ≥33HP 160-250kg/h 235/260 kg 1050x540x900mm
350-550lbs/h 518/580 lbs 41x21x35inch
ZLSP300P ≥41HP 250-400kg/h 305/330 kg 1100x540x1000mm
550-880lbs/h 680/730 lbs 43x21x39inch


Gasoline Pellet Mill


Gasoline pellet mill is often for home use due to the small capacity. GEMCO can provide clients 2 types of gasoline pellet mill: ZLSP120Q and ZLSP150Q. It is very convenient and clean for residential heating and the lifespan of main part roller and die is 800-1000 hours. What’s more, pellet length and size can be designed according to customers’ needs.


gasoline pellet mill

ZLSP120Q 7.5 HP 40-80kg/h 120/140kg 900x500x730mm
90-180lbs/h 265/310lbs 35x20x29inch
ZLSP150Q 10 HP 50-100kg/h 180/220kg 1000x500x750mm
110-220lbs/h 400/580lbs 39x20x30 inch