How To Select the Most Suitable Pellet Mill?

How to select the most suitable pellet mill? Many customers only care about the production while selecting pellet making machines. This behavior is blind, because production can’t be the only selecting standard. As the saying goes, for their own is the best. Therefore, I’ll give the following several suggestions and hope that will be helpful to you.

4 methods of choosing and buying pellet mill

1. First of all, be clear which raw material you will use to make pellets. Sawdust, straw, bamboo shaving or rice husk? According to different raw material, you can choose biomass pellet mill, wood pellet mill or others.

2.   Secondly, make sure the output you may need. Small pellet mill’s output generally can reach 50-800kg/h. If clients need more output, you can choose ring die pellet mill even can select the complete pellet plant.

3.   Thirdly, pay attention to the mold of pellet mill, and it is better to try out the pellet mill with your own raw material at the factory. Many clients usually ignore this point, which result in the machine can’t produce normally and other series of problems.

4.   Lastly, we suggest that you’d better purchase pellet machine from formal manufacturer. Don’t listen to the manufacturer’s propaganda, you had better visit the factory personally.

Matters need attention while selecting pellet mill

The stability of machine

It is very important to the stability of a machine. If you bought a set of pellet making machine, and spent most of the time on maintaining it. The production of pellet mill will drop significantly.

Energy consumption and production

When choosing a pellet mill, you should focus on its energy consumption and production at the same time. For example, if the production of pellet mill is very high, but the power consumption is large, as a result, profits would be lower. So when purchasing the machine, you’d better know more about per kilowatt of electricity production.

The cost of investment

According to your budget, choose the most suitable machine. Some sellers may recommend to you a lot of supporting equipment, sometimes it is useless, and increase the cost and also accounted for area. Therefore, when choosing a pellet mill, try to pursuit the cost-effective.

The requirement of operators

If the pellet mill is easy to operate, and the probability of opera problems is small, you only need less operators, so as to reduce the cost.

Maintenance costs

Maintenance cost is a problem that customers usually ignored. General machine requires to add butter once two days, but our machine only need to add butter every five days. The money saved is your profit. Someone may want to ask that why your pellet mill need such little butter? Because we have a scientific design principle, and we can ensure high precision of our machine parts.

After-sales service

Select a company which have a good enterprise culture, they often possess a strong after-sales team. Timely, efficient after-sales service is necessary, which will not add some additional cost for you.

The production environment and area

A good production environment and larger area is an expression of an enterprise strength. So you had better visit the factory before purchasing the pellet mill.

GEMCO Energy have entity factory, strong R&D team and responsible after-sales team, you are pretty welcome to visit our company.