Mobile Pellet Plant

How much do you know about mobile pellet plant?

Mobile pellet plant is a complete mobile pellet production line which gathered the whole process procedure of crushing, pelletizing, cooling, transporting, etc. there are not only pellet mills for use, but also a series of supporting equipment, which make up an all in one unit plant for biomass pellets, wood pellets and feed pellets making. A complete mobile pellet plant is composed of hammer mill, cyclone separator, bin, screw conveyor, pellet mill, vibrating screen, scraper conveyor, electric cabinet, and foundation frame.



Considering foreign customers requirements, GEMCO designed the MPL 300 mobile pellet plant dedicated to the production of biomass pellets. Various kinds of raw materials can be processed including saw dust, small wood chips, small logs, rice husks, crop straws, corn, small wood branches, leaves, crop waste, feed mixtures, etc. Compared with traditional pellet mill, the mobile pellet plant is more and more popular because of its high efficiency, operating easily and portable. Just one worker can operate the whole production process, which greatly reduces the labor cost and improves the production efficiency.


MPL 300 mobile pellet plant overview


Model MPL 300
Pellet diameter 6-12mm
Pellet density 0.6-1.2 t/m3
Capacity 250-350 kg/h for wood, 350-500 kg/h for feed
Power 41.25 KW
Overall size(L*W*H) 3500*1960*3500mm
Weight 2300kg

Why should you choose GEMCO mobile pellet plant?

  1. Muti-functional and economical. With the features of easy operating, movable and flexible, the mobile pellet plant is very suitable for small farms, factories or home use. Possess one mobile pellet plant, at the same time means you have a small pellet plant with hammer mill, cyclone separator, bin, screw conveyor, pellet mill, vibrating screen, scraper conveyor, electric cabinet, and foundation frame. That’s to say you will never need to buy a wood chipper and wood pellet mill separately. So that this is a very economical way.
  2. Long service life. Designed with the advanced technology from abroad, the MPL 300 mobile pellet plant beams the charms of Europe and America style. We also introduced Schneider Electric electronic components, high steel alloy and heat processing. Dust proof technology is also applied to prevent dust during production. Therefore, we can guarantee a long service life of our mobile pellet plant.
  3. On pellet making machines production, GEMCO possess rich experience and mature technology. According to clients’ different requirements and different kinds of raw materials they will use, we can recommend the most suitable pellet making machines for our customers.


From design, manufacture, installation, accessories, and after-sales service, GEMCO has specialized in it for many years, we control 50%-70% of the Chinese market in the biomass pellet line industry. If you have any problems or requirements about pellet machine, please tell us, we will give you the most suitable solution.