What Kind of Machines Does A Set of Wood Pellet Plant Include?

What kind of machines do a set of wood pellet plant include? Maybe most of the beginners would ask this question. Next I will have an introduction about a complete wood pellet plant. What auxiliary equipment is the wood pellet mill needed to finish the work of making pellets? Let’s know more about it through the next wood pellet production process.

Wood pellet production process


Wood pellet plant

  1. Prepare for the raw material. Wood pellet making raw materials are very common like tree branch, leftover material, wood chaff, wood shaving, wood chips, etc.
  2. Wood chipper. Now the raw materials ready, a wood chipper is necessary to smash them into wood sawdust.
  3. Drum dryer. Check the humidity of sawdust. If large moisture, we should equipped with a drum dryer. Drying the sawdust until the humidity reaches 15%-20%. (If the wood moisture content lower than 18%, it can be directly granulating.)
  4. Wood pellet mill. At this time, the drying sawdust can get into wood pellet mill through screw conveyor.
  5. Pellet cooler. Elevate the wood pellets into pellet cooling machine. Because of the high temperature of pellet, it is very easy to soften, we should put pellets into the pellet cooler in time.
  6. Packing machine. The cooling pellets can be directly packing.


This is a complete wood pellet production line. Most customers are coming to GEMCO Energy directly for our whole equipment. Our wood pellet production line is very perfect and has gained unanimous favorable comment of clients. This is also one of our best sales production line on exporting. Some successful exporting cases you can read the trade cases for the detailed information.

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